The cosyplay mat is a thick padded baby play mat, which uses memory foam in its patented four-layer system, making it ideal on hard floors.  



The cosyplay mat contains a one-inch thick layer of memory foam. This generates superior comfort, impact protection and fantastic insulation - especially useful on tiles and hardwood flooring. And importantly the cosyplay mat offers just the right level of support during tummy time, building confidence in your baby.  To top it all off, the top layer - the cosyplay cover - is made from supersoft cuddle fabric, your baby will love the feel and so will you.


We designed the cosyplay mat to take some of the hassle out your already busy life. We used high tech PU laminated fabrics to provide waterproof layers. This fantastic material covers the memory foam, which means the cosyplay mat can be used even on wet ground. And should your baby - or one of his friends - dribble on the cosyplay mat, the removable cover can be zipped off and be machine washed and tumble dried. The cosyplay cover takes up little room in your normal wash and additional cosyplay covers can be purchased to allow uninterrupted use of the cosyplay mat.


Early experiences have a great impact on the development of the brain and influence the way in which the neurons of the brain become wired. A baby's brain is work in progress and requires consistent and nurturing connection with an adult. Cosyplay mats encourage parents to spend more time with their babies on the floor by providing a relaxing environment. Being relaxed makes parenting easier. You will enjoy the time with your baby more and your baby will be happier.




How to turn your baby into a scientist

May 02, 2014

As a scientist, I know one thing for sure.  You need tenacity.  You need to be able to solve complex problems.  And how do us scientists do that?  We look at a problem and we grapple with it.  We investigate it, turn it upside down and deconstruct it into small parts.  We find the tiny tangled up part, unravel it and put all the pieces back together again.  If everything fits, the problem is solved.  Sounds a lot like playing doesn’t it?   Let your baby explore For babies and small children play is a lot more than the word suggests.  When babies play, they explore and they learn. Allowing babies to explore their world is fundamentally important to their...

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