Why I invented the cosyplay mat

So why did I invent a baby play mat when there are already about a million on the market?  Well, I did it out of love.  I did it because I wanted to be near my little boy, who needed the space to kick and roll about and at the same time needed me, my presence.

You see, I firmly believe that a baby needs his mum.  I don’t think babies need a lot of things (especially not material things), but one thing that a baby cannot get too much of is his mummy's attention.

Sure there are times when a baby will get engrossed in a particular toy (or more likely a gadget that he is not supposed to have) and then it is absolutely fine to leave him and allow him the freedom to explore.  In reality, those moments are quite rare.

I don’t believe babies have a lot of capacity to entertain themselves.  They don’t have any memory, so what would they think about all by themselves?

What I think babies need is interaction.  They need someone to talk to them, even when they can’t talk yet, because they can hear the pitch and make sense out of that.

I also believe that babies learn to read your face very early on.  And once they have figured out how to make you laugh, they want to do more of that, and vice versa.

I invented the cosyplay mat, because I believe that everyone benefits when I spend time with my baby.  My baby benefits because he wants to have a play mate that understands his every need.  And I benefit, because by spending so much time with my champion I know him better than he knows himself.

I can see him rub his eyes before he gets tired.  I can see him getting frustrated because he can’t reach a toy.  And I notice that today he turns his head away from a toy that is of no interest to him anymore.

By spending all that time together, we built a very strong bond, which will be the foundation to all the things he will learn in life.

So, did I need a mat to form that bond?  Maybe not, but it was lovely to be so comfortable whilst spending all that time on the floor with my baby.

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