Why Cosyplay mats are made in the UK

Cosyplay mats are made in the UK

Cosyplay baby play mats are made from memory foam.  But they are not made from any old memory foam, but from a special grade which is firmer, more shock absorbing and better at insulating than ordinary memory foam.

I chose this particular type, because it is just perfect for babies during tummy time and super comfortable even for adults.  It is also amazingly durable, so the cosyplay mat will regain its shape and original properties for many years.  This particular memory foam is made in the UK.

Could I have chosen a cheaper foam, which would simply last your baby through the tummy time stage?  Yes sure, but then the play mat would become landfill within just a few months.  This is not what I wanted for a product created for the next generation. 

Instead, I opted to go for top quality memory foam and protect it with a specially selected waterproof material (PU laminate) which is also highly durable, so that the cosyplay mat can be used again and again. (I will write another blog post about the many uses of the cosyplay mat soon.)

Could I source the memory foam cheaper abroad?  No, not really.  Memory foam is made from its constituents, which are mixed and allowed to rise in their tin (a bit like making bread).  This process is as simple as pressing a button, and pressing a button is no more expensive in the UK than it is in China. 

Plus there is the issue of trust.  Do I trust my UK memory foam manufacturer to produce the same top quality foam every time?  Yes I do.  When my products undergo expensive safety tests, I want to be certain that they will pass.  And the same applies to the UK manufactured waterproof material.  I also trust the people at the UK factory, which finally combine all of the fabulous materials with skill and care to produce Cosyplay products.

So this is the reason why cosyplay mats are made in the UK.  Of course, another fabulous side effect is that we are supporting other UK businesses and help to keep jobs and skills in the UK.

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