Why your cosyplay mat matters to everyone around you

Today is the third anniversary of my patent for the cosyplay mat.  Three years ago was when I decided to leave my well-paid job that I truly loved and throw myself headfirst into the unknown.  I am an inventor, always have been, so I had been itching to try myself at setting up my own company and see what happens anyway.

A major motivator in my decision to set up Cosyplay Ltd was, that I felt I had invented something that would really make a difference.  I have a little black book full of ideas, but up until that point, I had never felt so passionate about an invention, because I knew that what I had created was special.

So, what is so special about a play mat?  It’s a flat thing that lies on the floor and doesn’t do anything, right?  Wrong.  The cosyplay mat was made to connect people.  It was created so that a parent would be comfortable whilst playing with their baby.

I am a scientist by education and hence I like to have evidence for what I am saying is true.

Here are the facts: when you are physically close to your baby your body releases oxytocin.  Oxytocin is sometimes called the love chemical.  It is not the one, that gives you butterflies when you set your eyes on Mr or Mrs Perfect, but the chemical that is responsible for long-term attachment.  

Long-term attachment or bonding has all sorts of benefits for you and your baby.  It will make you more empathetic and in turn teach your child empathy.  It will create a proper connection between you and your child.  It will build trust.  It will lead to your child wanting to please you in the future, because having a connection means that if you are hurt, he gets hurt and he or she will want to avoid that. 

Having a deep connection with your child will mean you don’t have to reprimand your child in public, because your child will know from the look on your face, the tone of your voice and your posture that he needs to stop whatever he might be doing.  This is not about controlling your child.  I’m also not suggesting having a cosyplay mat will turn your child miraculously into an angel.

The cosyplay mat promotes understanding, it is for learning things together and about being physically close.

When a baby understands it is loved, and it turns into a child that understands that other people have feelings just like themselves, everyone benefits.  It absolutely believe that the more people give up “gadgets that entertain the baby” and instead sacrifice their time and engage physically and mentally with their child, the better we will be off as a society. 

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