How to raise a clever baby and save money in the process

Clever baby

As a new mum you are busy.  You are tired.  You don’t have the energy for a serious conversation.

And yet for your baby having a conversation with you is the most important thing in his daily calendar.  Why?  Because your baby is trying to make sense of the world.  And you are his chosen teacher.  But my baby can’t even talk yet, you might say.  It doesn’t matter.  Your baby is born ready to connect and interact with you.  Learning to use proper language will take time, but in the meantime, spending time with your baby and figuring out what makes him happy is the best thing you can do to get your baby on a fast track to becoming super smart.


Educational toys don't deliver what they promise

Do you know how many educational toys for babies were developed by child psychologists?  None.  Yes, that’s right.  With all their decades of research and accumulated knowledge about how babies learn, they have not developed one single toy that boosts intelligence.  And do you know why?  Child psychologists understand this:  No toy could ever provide the richness that you as a loving parent can give to your child.

In 2009 the Disney Company was forced to offer refunds to all parents that had purchased Baby Einstein DVDs after they were threatened with a class-action lawsuit.  It was a blatant admission that Baby Einstein videos did not in fact increase infant intellect.

So now you never need to spend another penny on a gadget which promises to turn your baby into a genius.  As an aside, we will be posting simple play ideas not involving toys twice a week on facebook absolutely free.  Our simple play ideas require only your involvement and at most things you will find in any household.


It's all about you

How clever your baby turns out to be depends only on you.  Hang on you might say, I am not a rocket scientist, how can I make my baby clever.  You don’t have to be super smart to create a clever baby.  Your aim is to teach your baby to interact well.  The better you are at understanding what your baby is trying to tell you, the more your baby will want to interact with you, which ultimately leads to a child that is confident at talking, listening and learning.  And that is the basis for a clever child.


How the cosyplay mat can help

The cosyplay mat gives you a place where you can connect with your baby.  Your calm and responsive presence is all your baby needs.  You are your baby’s favourite toy and you play best when you are relaxed.  The cosyplay mat will give you that: a relaxing place to be with your baby.

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