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Our Story

Every idea starts with a problem.  The problem that started off Cosyplay was this: our founder, Kerstin wanted to play with her baby.  Her baby had just started rolling about the place, so the floor was the only safe option.  Her baby was also a bit of a head-banger.  For padding, Kerstin tried blankets, which bunched up.  And rugs, which were difficult to clean.  And she tried baby play mats, but they were barely big and padded enough for the baby, never mind a parent.

Kerstin could have endured sore knees, painful back and a numb bum like other mums before her, but she wanted to enjoy the precious time with her baby, so she created the Cosyplay mat.

In 2011 Cosyplay Ltd was officially formed and has since been responsible for countless happy hours. 


What we believe

We believe that babies need interaction with a caring adult to connect and bond.  Play is a great way for parents to connect with their baby.  Parents are a baby’s first playmate; provide a sense of safety and most importantly give stimulation and feedback. 

We believe parents deserve to be comfortable during play.


Why memory foam?

Memory foam has the perfect properties for parents and babies.

Memory foam was invented by NASA for impact protection to save the lives of aeroplane passengers and pilots. 

The use of memory foam later became widespread in the home setting because of its superior comfort

During play, a baby needs impact protection to prevent knocks to the head.  They also need a sturdy surface to push up against.  Memory foam provides exactly that.

At the same time, the parent’s need for comfort is also taken care of.    This will give parents a chance to relax and grow closer to their baby by observing him during play.


Where babies like to play

If you have a playroom the Cosyplay mat will be a great centrepiece.  It will be the place for dedicated play.  You can surround yourself with your baby’s favourite toys and play for hours.

But real life dictates that you cannot play all day.  The Cosyplay mat can easily be moved to any room in the house.  It allows you to get on with some inevitable housework, whilst it exposes your baby to a more varied environment.  Playing with pots and pans whilst you are cooking is entertaining and a great introduction to the real world for your baby.


The benefits of playing outside

Taking your baby outside allows your baby to experience a whole new world.  Being exposed to some sun is important for generating vitamin D, which your baby requires to grow strong bones.  Playing outside for children of all ages is linked to increased activity. 

Exposure to friendly bacteria whilst your baby plays outside also helps to develop a strong immune system. 

The waterproof base of our play mats allow you to take them outside and enjoy the fresh air after the rain whilst you play.

Frequent playing outdoors allows your baby to connect with nature and become accustomed to being outdoors regardless of the temperature or season.  We believe in introducing a healthy active lifestyle early.


Our blog and facebook page

Our founder Dr Kerstin Castle is a scientist and mum of four.  She also has an obsession with baby development books and articles. Kerstin loves to share her knowledge and insights on the Cosyplay blog and on facebook

Here is our latest blog post.  


What others say about us

"It's not often that I come across a product that I fall head over heels in love with, but this is one that I have found myself talking about non-stop since its arrival, even to my non-parent friends!"

Katy Earley, Modern Mummy www.modernmummy.co.uk


"It's the type of thing that when you get it and use it you wonder how you ever lived without it."

Rob, dad of two 


"The Cosyplay mat is a fantastic product that has become a family favourite in this household!"

Hannah Harding, mum and writer at www.makedoandpush.co.uk


"This is the Rolls Royce of children's playmats!!"

Scot, happy customer