Baby Play Mats

Baby play mat with mum and baby

Cosyplay Memory Foam Play Mats

Cosyplay have created innovative high quality baby play mats, with a wide selection of colourful and patterned replaceable covers, ideal for newborns. The covers are 40°C machine washable, quick-drying, and tumble dryable, available in two different  fabrics minky or fleece, conveniently zipped on. All our baby play mats use non-pill finish materials, safely ensuring no fluff comes off.

The comfortable memory foam layer of our baby play mats adapt to all movements and offer shock absorption quality. The memory foam is protected by a layer of antimicrobial fabric and a two-way stretchable waterproof material. The top cover is made from cuddlesoft, breathable microfiber and is suitable for your baby's skin from birth. Keeping a spare cover is a handy solution, whilst the other one is in the wash.

Our comfy baby play mats measure 1.0m x 1.5m, designed big enough for you and your baby to spend time together. This allows you to be closely involved whilst your baby develops their abilities, assisting brain development. This is further explained on our about babies page. The page also highlights why we have deliberately kept our baby play mats a simple design, and have not included additional built-in toys. 

So whether its their tummy time, wobbly first steps, the roly-poly stage, or simply sitting, your little one will love the maximised space our baby play mats provide. We make sure your home is a happy and healthy environment for your baby to play and learn, by providing you with our supersoft unique design. We certainly hope you love our range, as much as we do.