Brain Development

Brain cells connecting

What has your baby’s brain development got to do with a play mat?


Quite a lot actually.  Babies’ brains are genetically programmed to produce lots of brain connections – or synapses  - more than your baby will ultimately need. This means that your baby is born with an amazing capacity to understand and memorise information.

During the first few years of life, the number of brain connections are reduced by a process called pruning.  Researchers have found that some areas of the brain get pruned and organised at specific times of the brain development, effectively offering only a small window of opportunity to provide the stimulation required to maximise your baby’s potential.

Interaction is vital for brain developmentThe scientific evidence points very clearly at the fact that babies need direct human interaction in order to develop their language skills. As mothers, we are bombarded with the latest high tech gadgets to keep our babies entertained. There are baby play gyms with light and music; you can even buy some that play directly from your iPhone. But just playing music or even stories to your baby won’t replace you speaking or singing to him or her.

Only as a caring mother can you know what song your little one liked best yesterday or what word made her giggle. You are able to judge her mood and continue with a song or story depending on her ever-changing needs. Only you can provide feedback to her first attempts to talk by listening, smiling and by responding with your tone of voice. No gadget could ever take your place and provide the richness of interaction.  When your baby feels your body next to him, he will feel safe, secure and calm.

And that is why our cosyplay mat was developed with you in mind. It is large and comfortable enough for you and your baby. And because it is so comfortable you will find yourself on the floor next to your baby more often. Having a comfortable place to spend time with your baby means you are more relaxed - never underestimate the amazing ability babies have to sense your mood.

We have deliberately avoided adding any toys, rattles, squeakers or crinkly areas to the cosyplay mat to maximise the space for you and your baby to sit or lie comfortably. Also, we are sure that the toys your baby loves to play with will change over the many months (or even years) that the cosyplay mat is in use.

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