Changing Mat

The NEW Changing Mat by Cosyplay

Mum changing nappy on the memory foam chaging mat

Changing Mat

Have you ever wondered why baby changing mats are made from cold, hard plastic?  So have we. 

Having searched high and low for a baby changing mat, which would be warm, soft and comfortable for our baby, we decided to make them ourselves. 

Cosyplay Change & Play mats are made from 1”-thick memory foam, covered in a protective layer of waterproof, anti-microbial PU, which is soft and can be wiped clean.  To make the Change & Play mat even more comfortable for your baby, the Cosyplay Change & Play mat also features a removable fleece cover, which can be machine-washed and tumble dried.


Tummy Time Mat

Health visitors and midwifes advise parents to introduce tummy time early to your baby.  Starting tummy time from an early age has the advantage of getting your baby used to being in different positions, can prevent flat-head-syndrome and generally help your baby’s future development.

The Cosyplay  Change & Play mat is so soft and comfortable that your baby will not object to being put on his tummy. Having a changing mat which also doubles up as a tummy time mat for young babies, allows you to make tummy time part of your daily routine and avoids problems in the future.