Baby on the beach

How to enjoy holidays with a baby

Understanding your baby is never more important than when you take your baby out of the familiar surroundings and you go on holiday.  A little bit of baby psychology can make the difference between a fun and relaxing time for everyone, or endless hours spent consoling a crying baby.

The fundamental reason why babies hate holidays is that  babies have no real memory.  They cannot remember without cues.  In order for them to remember what happened yesterday, babies need to go back into a situation that happened before. 

Babies rely on the cues of a familiar place or a routine to summon up the memory of what happened before.  Take away these cues and they will be utterly confused and may get upset.  Especially between the age of 4 and 12 months babies can be really challenging to settle during a holiday.


Best tips for a holiday with baby:

  1. Take as many familiar props as practically possible (toys, teddy, music)
  2. Smells are very important to babies, take sheets and blankets that smell of home
  3. If your baby is staying in a travel cot, use it for a few nights at home before the holiday
  4. Keep bedtime routines as similar as possible; tired babies are fussy babies
  5. Play the games you always play
  6. Try to not let your baby get overtired or overstimulated
  7. Before the holiday, teach your baby simple nursery rhymes, whatever happens they won’t get lost or left behind
  8. If going abroad don’t assume you will be able to buy your usuals (baby food, nappies, wipes)
  9. If possible, choose a child-centered holiday accommodation, which might have stair gates, enclosed swimming pool and socket protectors
  10. Take items of multiple use (e.g. muslins that double up as bibs)


Sadly, the cosyplay mat is too bulky to take on a flight.  But if you are travelling by car, maybe to visit relatives or friends, it can be a real life saver.

Your baby will be familiar with the feel and smell of your cosyplay mat, which means taking it with you will be like taking a piece of home with you.  The cosyplay mat is a real multipurpose mat and can be used for play, feeding and changing.

You might be concerned about your baby bringing up his feed on your in-laws pristine carpet.  Or the holiday villa you rented has tiled or hard wood floors.  In any case, traveling with the cosyplay mat means you will always have a suitable surface wherever you go.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the cosyplay mat can even be used on wet ground.  The base layer is completely waterproof and can be wiped clean if it gets muddy. 

So, squeeze that cosyplay mat into the boot or footwell of your car and have a relaxing holiday.