No Toys

No toys?

Have you noticed that our cosyplay mats have no toys attached to them?  This was done quite deliberately to benefit you and your baby. There are 5 good reasons why our play mats are better off without attached toys.


1. Washability

Our cosyplay mats are machine washable and tumble drier safe.  Most squeakers, rattles and electronic toys are not suitable for washing machine treatment.  Since we considered the ease with which the cosyplay mat can be cleaned one of its best features, we did not want to ruin it by attaching toys that would have to be removed.


Mum and baby playing together

2. Comfort

Cosyplay mats are all about comfort for your baby and you.  Many play mats have integrated toys that just aren’t comfortable to lie on.  Not so with the cosyplay mat.  You can use 100% of the surface, which is great for babies, because they often roll about without any sense of direction.


3. Happiness

Every baby is different.  Every baby has a favourite toy. You know which one I mean.  We don’t.  Only you know which toy or game makes your baby happy.  And even that is likely to change over time.


4. Longevity

Cosyplay mats are suitable from birth until 3 or older.  During that time, your baby’s preference for toys will depend on his temperament and developmental stage.  Toys that are of interest when your baby is little (the chewy or rattling ones) will most definitely not be engaging enough as your baby grows older.


5. The BEST toy in the world

Of course, the best toy in the world for your little one is you.  No toy could provide the richness of interaction that you can offer.  Cosyplay mats are different from other play mats, because they were designed with you in mind.  If you are comfortable, relaxed and happy, you are more likely to stay with your baby on the floor.  And that’s exactly where your baby wants you to be.