Outdoor Play Mats

 Outdoor play mats: helping your baby develop

Outdoor play is important babies.  From birth your baby is trying to make sense of the world.  The outdoor atmosphere provides a rich stimulating environment for your baby. It enriches without being overpowering for your baby’s sensory system that is still developing.

Being outdoors also relieves stress and enhances wellbeing for you.  And that is important, because your mood transfers to your baby.  We don’t often think about stress in infancy.   But some experts believe that early stressful experiences can lead to ADHD in later life.   They also suggest that outdoor play can provide a simple antidote.


Mum and baby playing outside

1. Sounds

If your baby is crying, the ambient sound outdoors will make it easier for you to cope with the crying.  But more often than not, you will find once outside he or she will stop crying anyway.  Being outside engages all the baby’s senses.  The change in smell, sound, temperature, light and shadows will all provide stimuli and stop your baby’s cries in its track, especially if the crying is caused by boredom.


2. Movement

You could take your baby out for a walk in the pram or a sling, but often your baby will be happy to just to lie comfortably outside and look at trees, fascinated by the movements of the leaves in the wind.  And once your baby’s eyesight is fully developed (at around 4 months) he will be able to follow birds flying past.

Cosyplay mats are designed for indoor and outdoor use.   You can just lie there looking around, and depending on the season observe butterflies, spiders, snails and flowers or falling leaves.  You could also run a commentary about the noises you can hear: birds, aeroplanes or cars; your baby will start to recognise sounds and words connected to them even though he is still months off talking.  Babies’ sound recognition starts before birth and scientists now believe that babies can recognise language in the womb.

Using your Cosyplay mat as outsidet will help your baby enjoy a familiar comfortable space in a new environment.


3. Activity

Getting your baby used to different seasons and dressing up accordingly will put them in good stead in years to come. Being outdoors has a positive influence on your baby’s wellbeing and children that enjoy the outdoors are less likely to turn obese. The importance of outdoor play is now so recognised that it forms part of the early years’ curriculum in the UK. 

The oxygen concentration outdoors is higher than indoors (even when compared to a room with open windows) and oxygen is vital for the brain to function and helps in the process of learning. But more important even than the right oxygen concentration for your baby’s brain development is your presence.


Cosyplay the play mat for indoor and outdoor use

As parents, we have a vital role to play in our baby’s development.  In order to encourage their development, we first need to see things from the baby’s perspective.  Outdoor play mats from Cosyplay provide the ideal surface for you and your baby outdoors.

The waterproof base layer means the cosyplay mat can be used even on wet ground and can simply be wiped clean afterwards.  The memory foam inside will adapt to your body temperature and feel warm, even if the ground is cold. And the soft fleece cover feels nice and cosy whatever the weather.

Take your baby outside today and share their amazement as they observe nature.

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