Removable Cover

As a new parent you are never going to be short of housework.  The last thing you need is baby equipment that requires special treatment like hand washing. 

This is why we have created a play mat with a removable cover, which can be machine-washed.  The cosyplay cover only takes up 5% of room in your washing machine.  This leaves 95% for your normal everyday laundry in the same wash.

The cosyplay cover can be washed at 40°C, is quick drying and can be tumble-dried.

Most importantly all babies have delicate skin.  Being able to separate the washable cover from the waterproof play mat means you can give the cover a thorough clean without leaving any washing powder residues behind. Find out more about this under eczema

Additional cosyplay covers are available, so you can keep one handy whilst the other one is in the wash.

Removable cover image