Tummy Time Mat

baby not enjoying tummy time

If your baby could talk, what would he say about tummy time?

“Hey mummy, what are you doing?  Why are you putting me in this strange position?  When am I ever in this position?  When I sleep I’m on my back, when you change my nappy, when I have a bath, when I’m in the pram, I’m on my back.    

Now I can’t see you.  My arms are stuck.  And the shaggy rug you put me on is scary.  The blanket is a bit scratchy and scrunches up when I move.  My legs are slipping away when I try to push.  I’m a bit cold on the floor.  Stop it now!  Pick me up!”


5 Benefits of a Tummy Time Mat from Cosyplay 

Tummy time should be an enjoyable time for both you and your baby, and not stressful.  Here are five benefits of doing tummy time on a cosyplay mat:


1. The cosyplay mat is big 

The cosyplay mat is 1.0m x 1.5m, that means it is large enough for you to spend time with your baby.  When you introduce tummy time it is a really good idea to do it in an environment that is familiar to your baby and one in which you as a mum feel relaxed.  Sitting on a cold, hard floor next to your baby will not be very comfy for long.


2. It provides comfort and safety

baby snuggling happily on a cosyplay matThe cosyplay has a one-inch thick core of memory foam, which means it is really cosy, warm and impact absorbing.  When your baby is starting tummy time, he is likely to not have the strength to hold up his head for long and he might let it fall back in an uncontrolled way.  A bump to the face can really knock a baby’s confidence and quickly put him off tummy time.  The thick layer of memory foam used inside the cosyplay mat is soft enough to give great comfort and shock absorption, but is also firm enough so that your baby won’t sink in.  


3. The cover is machine washable

Our cosyplay mat has a soft fabric cover, which is attached to the mat by a zip and will always stay in place and not scrunch up under your baby.  It also offers resistance so your baby’s hands and feet won’t slip.  The breathable fabric will absorb any dribbles and can be removed and machine washed.  It is made from non-pill microfiber – which means no fluff comes off.  This is important, because babies like to explore everything with their mouths.


4. The mat encourages development

Over time, your baby will increase the strength in his neck, back and arms and soon you will find him rolling over.  Our generously sized cosyplay mat is large enough for your baby to move to the next developmental stage, to roll over and eventually learn to crawl.

The speed of your baby’s development is largely determined by your baby's genes.  But if you encourage your baby to use his muscles and allow him to practice postural adjustments, he will develop sooner.  Allowing your baby optimum development in his physical activities means he will make mental leaps as well.


5. The cosyplay mat will be useful throughout early childhood

The cosyplay mat is not just ideal for tummy time.  It can be used from birth until your baby can walk and even beyond. Children just love to play on the floor.  Once your baby turns into a toddler the cosyplay mat can be used for daytime napping, to stretch out in front of the TV or to practice roly polys.  It can also be used  shock absorbing rug in front of the bed in case your baby rolls out during the night.